Slabs 120x278, Your ideal design

Ceramiche Supergres' selection of more than 38 slabs is the ideal solution for contemporary and elegant environments. The range of large-format porcelain tiles in 6mm thickness is distinguished by versatility, great personality and exceptional aesthetic appeal. These surfaces offer a perfect balance between thickness, strength and design, making them ideal for creating sophisticated and functional environments.

Thanks to extraordinary characteristics of lightness and ductility, it becomes possible to cover volumes and follow complex shapes to coordinate each element of the environment to floor and wall surfaces. A revolutionary aesthetic expression that encompasses all the technical potential of Supergres porcelain stoneware. An ideal material for design that makes it possible to tailor-make all kinds of elements inserted into the environment.

The collections with our slabs 120x278 cm.

Astrum, Cobb, Colovers, H24, Kalkarea, Purity of Marble and Rayclay are the collections that include this valuable format, due to its characteristic of inalterability and the smaller number of joints present in the installation.

The range of Supergres slabs in 120×278 cm format in 6 mm thickness is completed with perfectly matched slabs in 120x120 cm format, 9 mm thick, for both residential and commercial applications. This allows maximum design freedom and stylishly solves every application need.

Many of the marbles, belonging to the Purity of Marble collection, also have the characteristic of vein matching, that is, the graphic continuity of the veins that is not interrupted but continues from slab to slab, up to a maximum of 4 slabs.

Large and with attention to the smallest detail, they amaze in size and astonish in their extreme versatility of application.

120 x 278 ceramic slabs
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