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Ceramiche Supergres was founded in 1961 in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, where the headquarters is still located today.
The history of Supergres in the field of ceramic began with the production of double-fired, single-fired, and cotto forte tiles. Within a few years, the company rapidly expanded its sales network and began exporting to other countries, where after many years ceramic tiles made in Italy continue to be highly valued. In 1996 the company became a part of the Concorde Group, which has always taken a leading role in the trade’s technological development, with product and process innovations that have given prestige and value to Italian ceramics throughout the world.


Founding of Supergres


Entry in the Concorde Group


Production of porcelain tiles begins


Production of large white body wall tiles


New logistics hub completed


Launch of T20 outdoor tiles with 20 mm thickness


Third place in Panorama’s ranking of companies with the best customer service in the Italian market


Production of large porcelain wall tiles begins


Nasce Supergres

Ceramiche Supergres is a modern, dynamic company with over 50 years of experience in the ceramics industry.

Supergres has built on the synergies available and, year after year, has successfully interpreted the tastes and needs of customers and interpreted market trends, creating ceramic products with an exquisitely made in Italy design and quality.

Dynamism, originality and competence, combined with innovation and continuous technological research, have allowed Supergres to design porcelain stoneware floors for indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable for residential or commercial and public environments, coverings for architecture and home design, meeting the needs of a constantly evolving world.

Ceramiche Supergres designs and produces collections that meet every design need, looking to the future but aware of its past; certified products that meet the strictest international regulations.

Italian tile factory Supergres
Italian tile factory Supergres

National identity, global focus.

Ceramiche Supergres is proud to produce its tiles in Italy and to export Italian technology, culture, and design to more than 80 different countries.

  • million
    in sales
  • of sales
    outside of italy
    + 70 %
  • customers
    in more than 80 countries

Know-how and technology, drivers of development.

The company's significant attention to innovation lies behind its growth and international success.

Every year Supergres invests more than the industry average in research and updates, to ensure a qualitatively and aesthetically advanced range of products.

All the company's products are made in its state-of-the-art plants that are constantly technologically innovated, subject to rigorous inspections by external certification bodies that have awarded Supergres the ISO 9001 quality certification. The result is a high-performance, high-quality ceramic product that meets the requirements of international ceramic-specific product certifications ISO 13006 and EN 14411.

Italian tile factory Supergres
Italian tile factory Supergres

People first.

Supergres firmly believes in and cultivates its deep-rooted values. A strong bond unites the company, its employees and collaborators and local suppliers.

The story of Supergres is one of people who find satisfaction in striving constantly for improvement, seeking perfection with full confidence in the future.

Believing that every individual has something unique to offer, convinced that the team has only one way to grow: together with passion, harmony, transparency and reliability, to achieve the same goal. It is from the strength of this union that high-quality services and products are born. 

Customers, partners in growth

Ceramiche Supergres is committed to the development of positive synergies with its customers

In an increasingly competitive environment, the company aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers, so that we can grow together within the market and ensure mutual satisfaction every time. Supergres provides designers and business partners with practical tools, technical and design advice, to implement ever-evolving projects and, together, win the challenges of tomorrow.

Italian tile factory Supergres

Made in Italy

the indication of origin
that becomes an
ethical commitment

Ceramiche Supergres designs and produces all its collections in Italy, with all the values of style, design and quality that this entails.

The company is strictly committed to the "Code of Ethics" proposed by Confindustria Ceramica, which undertakes to clearly communicating the origin of the products. In this way, Ceramiche Supergres also ensures maximum transparency towards customers and end users. Those who buy ceramics with the indication "Made in Italy" can be sure that they are produced in Italy with the utmost attention to style and design, that safe raw materials are used, that they are made by skilled workers with cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies and that the best working conditions are guaranteed.

Green ceramics

The synthesis of technology,
ethics and sustainability

Supergres believes in designing in tune with the environment, to be really attentive to people and their lives.

Supergres supplies high quality products, which are the result of creativity and originality – the hallmarks of Italian design. At the same time, it is committed to the constant protection and safeguarding of the surrounding environment.
This is possible thanks to a production process that uses a waste, processing water and generated heat collection and recycling system, limiting the consumption of energy and raw materials. Safe industrial processes for those who work there and that respect the environment in which we live, designed to minimise the environmental impact of production, year after year.

Ceramiche Supergres via Statale 467, 34, 42013 Casalgrande RE Tel. 0522 997411

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