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Cement effect tiles

Supergres' collections in cement-effect porcelain stoneware, now also embracing a tile resin look, are crafted with neutral, soft, and natural colors, enhanced by the large rectified sizes that create a contemporary material and essential surface. This combination is ideal for metropolitan environments such as lofts and industrial recoveries, as well as for modern environments, where the subtle interplay between cement and resin looks can introduce a sophisticated, urban edge.

The tile resin look adds an additional layer of depth and versatility, offering a sleek, polished finish that complements the raw, authentic essence of the cement-effect tiles, perfect for creating seamless, cutting-edge spaces.

 The colours are perfectly in line with the latest trends in interior design: they are soft and natural shades, suitable for covering floors and walls in all types of environments (bathrooms, living areas, kitchens, shops) both in residential and commercial spaces. Cement-effect stoneware is the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Its refined essentiality allows it to interpret a contemporary style, and the strong materiality of porcelain stoneware and its technical characteristics, make it a material unalterable over time, and resistant to wear and chemical attack.the surface, combined with a very detailed and variable graphics, make the tiles very realistic concrete effect, and characterize the collections with a strong personality that is not limited to the background and furnishing complement but becomes the protagonist of the environments.

The superior performance of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is an exceptional choice for modern floors with superior performance. This solution combines the elegance of concrete with the strength and durability of porcelain stoneware. The compact structure of stoneware gives the floors considerable resistance to wear, abrasion and chemical agents, making them a perfect solution for high-traffic environments.

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles boast an extraordinary ability to withstand mechanical stress and heavy loads, without suffering damage or loss of integrity. This feature is essential in the management of crowded commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants and bars, where the strength of the floor becomes an indispensable prerogative.

Concrete-effect stoneware tiles and white-body wall tiles: design floors and walls

The concrete-effect tiles are not only perfect as a floor, but also lend themselves to being used as a wall covering, giving rooms a touch of modern and elegant design. Thanks to the vast range of formats and thicknesses available, it is possible to create unique and personalized combinations, giving character and originality to indoor and outdoor spaces. The white-body wall tiles are made in different shades, both on a smooth background and in three-dimensional structures and decorations that expand the design possibilities and allow for unexpected furnishing solutions.

The finishes proposed for the concrete-effect porcelain stoneware adapt to multiple styles and atmospheres, from industrial to minimalist, from rustic to contemporary. The versatility of this material allows it to be harmonized with different furnishings and furnishing accessories, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a multifaceted and innovative design.

Concrete effect: perfect for the home and commercial spaces

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware lends itself to enhancing residential environments such as commercial spaces. The ease of maintenance and its resistance to stains make it suitable for all rooms in the house, including rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

For commercial environments, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is a reliable ally for dealing with the constant flow of people. Porcelain stoneware does not deform or alter over time, thus keeping its original appearance intact Supergres offers a vast selection of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, with a wide choice of formats, thicknesses and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect solution to satisfy every type of aesthetic and functional need.

Both for those who want to add a touch of design to their home and for those who want to create welcoming and trendy commercial environments, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is confirmed as a winning and high-quality choice.

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