Designer porcelain tile
Designer porcelain tile Designer porcelain tile Designer porcelain tile Designer porcelain tile Designer porcelain tile

Design porcelain tiles

The porcelain floor and wall tiles by Supergres result from deliberate choices that have shaped well-conceived collections. Inspiration, seen as the foundational idea of the project, is crucial in all contemporary design processes.

Surfaces are the primary aesthetic elements in architecture and interior design, and the most modern industrial techniques now enable the realization of diverse design concepts, where the outcome is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Investing in designer tiles is an effective way to refresh and modernize any space, providing a durable and stylish solution that enhances both the value and appearance of your environment.

Why Choose a Design Tile

Design tiles offer the opportunity to transform indoor and outdoor spaces into environments with a high aesthetic impact. Porcelain stoneware makes this type of tile resistant and durable, guaranteeing reliable, safe, high-quality surfaces. The use of decorative motifs and suggestive colors makes the design-effect tiles unique and original, an ideal choice for those who want to embellish any type of space with personality.

Design Tiles: which environments do they enhance?

Design tiles can embellish different types of settings, both internal and external. In interiors, designer effect tiles add a decorative touch to kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, allowing you to create elegant and contemporary spaces. Outdoors, they can transform terraces and gardens into welcoming and unique environments, resistant to bad weather thanks to the properties of porcelain stoneware.

How to match a Design Tile

A correct combination of design tiles is essential to obtain a harmonious result. Simple designs combine well with fancier furnishings and décor, while patterned tiles can be paired with more minimalist elements. It is possible to experiment with different formats and colors to create a unique, original and exclusive environment.

All the advantages of a design tile

Porcelain stoneware design tiles boast numerous advantages. In addition to the elegant and contemporary aesthetic effect, they are durable and easy to clean. Porcelain stoneware tiles are non-absorbent and resistant to atmospheric agents, making them the ideal choice for floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor environments. They require very simple maintenance and do not require special treatments to preserve their appearance.

Design tiles are an excellent choice for enriching rooms with a decorative and modern touch. Thanks to the vast range of aesthetic effects, colors and formats, it is possible to create a great variety of unique and exclusive spaces, enlivening any type of environment with versatility and cheerfulness.



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