Ceramic tiles for Living Room

The living room is the very heart of a house that tells a lot about the people living in it. Our living room floor tiles in porcelain stoneware are available in marble, stone and wood effect to create refined and elegant spaces. The choice of the style that you want to give to the room is crucial in choosing the right floor for the living area: Supergres offers architects and interior designers a wide choice of tiles to choose formats, effects, colors and finishes that are most suited to the needs of every project.

Explore our collections of ceramic and porcelain tiles designed for the living room. 

Living room tiles for coverings and floors

Porcelain stoneware floors for the summer are your home's calling card.

Tiles are the calling card for your living room

The floor tiles in the living room are one of the fundamental elements for creating a welcoming and elegant environment. They are the first detail that strikes the eye of anyone who enters your home and are capable of transforming the style of the room.

Why choose porcelain stoneware for your floors

Porcelain stoneware is an extremely versatile and resistant material, perfect for living room floors. This material is resistant to scratches, bumps and stains, making it ideal for busy environments such as the living room. Furthermore, porcelain stoneware floors are  easy to clean and maintain and are always beautiful and bright.

Which effect to choose for the living room?

Porcelain stoneware floors can be created in a vast range of effects that allow you to choose the one that best suits your tastes and the style of your home. Here are some of the effects we offer.

Marble Effect

The marble effect is perfect for creating an elegant and refined environment, with tiles that faithfully reproduce the veins of marble.

Stone Effect

For a more rustic and original look, stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the right choice to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wood Effect

For those who love the Nordic and natural style, wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the perfect choice for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Concrete Effect

For a modern and elegant look, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the perfect choice for a minimalist and original environment.

Design Effect

For those looking for originality and a truly unique look, porcelain stoneware tiles with a design effect are the right choice for creating an innovative and out of the ordinary environment.

Why choose Supergres floors

Supergres is a leading company in the production of high quality porcelain stoneware floors. Thanks to its experience, Supergres is able to offer porcelain stoneware floors with high technical performance, capable of resisting scratches and wear over time. Furthermore, Supergres floors are available in a vast range of colours, finishes and effects, able to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Thanks to its attention to the environment, Supergres uses eco-sustainable materials and production processes with low environmental impact, guaranteeing a quality product that is environmentally friendly at the same time. Furthermore, Supergres porcelain stoneware floors are characterized by great attention to design and creativity, with original and elegant solutions capable of enriching any environment.

Thanks to their ability to personalise, Supergres floors are the ideal choice for creating unique and original spaces, capable of enhancing every room in your home. Finally, Supergres guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance of its porcelain stoneware floors, thanks to their resistance and hygienic properties.

Thanks to these characteristics, Supergres porcelain stoneware floors represent the ideal solution for those looking for beautiful, elegant, resistant and easy-to-clean floors. In conclusion, if you are looking for tiles for your living room, porcelain stoneware is an ideal choice due to its resistance, its elegance and the vast choice of effects available. And if you want the guarantee of a high quality, original and environmentally friendly product, Supergres floors are the perfect choice for creating a unique and welcoming environment.

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