Bathroom tiles collections

Supergres bathroom tile options offer a look that can transform any ordinary bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Ceramic tiles for floors and walls feature original and innovative design to meet any style need, ensuring the right tiles are selected to create beautiful, unique, and personalised bathrooms.

With a wide range of colours, from natural and pastel tints to lively and marked shades, and finishes including glossy and satin surfaces in various sizes, these tiles cater to diverse preferences. Whether you're drawn to floral and geometrical decors, romantic or minimalist designs, you'll find options to satisfy different taste, making each space truly exceptional.

Modern Bathroom tiles for coverings and floors

Modern and trendy bathroom tiles

The choice of the perfect bathroom tile stems from the desire to create a bathroom environment capable not only of guaranteeing comfort and safety, but also responding to precise aesthetic expectations.

Is the ideal bathroom always modern and trendy or must it respond to a classic and refined style? It depends on personal taste, on the atmosphere we want to create, on the need to highlight the best features of the room.

Beyond our preferences, there is an element that should never be overlooked: the choice of material.

The bathroom tiles are entrusted with the ability to withstand particularly challenging conditions, typical of an environment constantly exposed to humidity and steam, dispersion of liquids, sudden exposures to sudden changes in temperature.

Porcelain stoneware is perfect for responding to all the stresses typical of bathroom environments, making this material the perfect candidate for resistant and safe coverings and surfaces.

Modern bathrooms designed for well-being

In a world where the home increasingly becomes a personal refuge, the bathroom takes on a central role as a space dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Designing a modern bathroom today means thinking of an environment that not only respects functional needs but is also an oasis of comfort and style. Bathrooms are transforming, not only in terms of design but as true spaces of well-being.

The bathroom as a space of well-being

In the context of modern homes, the bathroom is no longer just a functional room, but is transformed into a real space of well-being. We imagine places where self-care becomes a daily ritual, spaces that invite calm and relaxation. Designing a modern bathroom means thinking about an environment that can positively influence physical and mental well-being, taking advantage of every square meter to create an atmosphere of serenity and comfort.

The role of tiles in a modern bathroom

Tiles are much more than just a wall and floor covering – they play a crucial role in defining the aesthetics and atmosphere of a bathroom. For example, the large stoneware slabs help create a sense of space and continuity, while the new decorative finishes enrich the environment with innovative textures and colours.

The choice of tiles is fundamental to defining the character of the space, with options that can range from elegant minimalism to more daring and creative solutions.

The latest trends in bathroom tiles

The future of modern bathrooms sees a strong inclination towards customization and innovation. The latest trends in bathroom tiles include bright colors and decorative patterns that transform coverings into real design elements. The modern house is thus equipped with bathrooms that not only respond to practical needs but are also an expression of personal style. This is reflected in the bold use of new finishes and large stoneware slabs that simulate natural materials, while offering superior technical performance and greater ease of maintenance.

Durable and waterproof: porcelain stoneware is the safest choice for the bathroom

Supergres porcelain stoneware tiles are resistant, waterproof and guarantee perfect hygiene, characteristics that make them suitable for the creation or modernization of a modern and safe bathroom.

The ductility of ceramics allows Supergres to create different kind of collections able to make the most of the best characteristics of porcelain stoneware.

The superior performance of porcelain stoneware is matched only by its surprising adaptability. A wide range of colors, patterns, effects, shapes and sizes opens the doors to surprising combinations and design inspirations, facilitating creative combinations with new designs and imaginative geometric patterns.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of the tiles

Porcelain bathroom tiles are easy to clean and require very little maintenance: ceramic floors and coverings can be washed simply using water and a mild detergent. Find out more information on cleaning porcelain stoneware.

Bathroom tiles: the importance of choosing carefully

The choice of a bathroom tile must never be neglected: the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the surfaces and coatings will help define the appearance, atmosphere and livability of the bathroom environment. Tiles represent a key element to furnish this type of environment, one of the most important in the home.

When it comes to the bathroom, style is nothing if comfort and functionality are neglected. Supergres ceramic collections are the perfect choice for interior designers and planners to create unique and stylish bathrooms, guaranteeing costant practicality and comfort  over time.

Modern bathrooms with large porcelain stoneware slabs

Choosing large porcelain stoneware slabs for the covering and flooring of a modern bathroom offers numerous advantages. These slabs give a contemporary and elegant appearance, thanks to the reduction of joints and the visual continuity of the surfaces.

Il gres porcellanato è altamente resistente, impermeabile e facile da pulire, ideale per l'ambiente umido del bagno. Le varietà di colori, texture ed effetti disponibili permette di personalizzare il bagno con stile, rendendolo un vero e proprio spazio di design e funzionalità.


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