Art in the Supergres showroom

Art and design are central elements for the vision of Ceramiche Supergres: the ceramic group has recently enriched its exhibition spaces with the acquisition of some new works of art. This initiative is part of a large investment project aimed at completely renovating the showroom and reception areas, adding a refined touch of style and communicating the excellence and uniqueness of the brand.

The selected works reflect Ceramiche Supergres' commitment to creating a distinctive product and highlight the importance for designers to interpret and incorporate art into their works. The works on display do not simply embellish the spaces, but reinforce the company's message to visitors: a perfect fusion of aesthetics, functionality and innovation.



Aurora# by Valerio Berruti

The works place the human figure at the center of the discourse: changeable by nature, psychologically complex and with a porous identity, subject to changes in environment and history. The sculptures depicting children generate a sense of expectation, of a possible happening. 

The group of two children locked in a strong embrace gives voice to a project that oscillates between the incommunicability of human beings and their need for union and communion of affection.

Art and Design


Art and Design

Del Verger Celeste by Sergi Barnils

The artist sees white as pristine purity, fresh air, divine light; but, as everyone knows, white light contains within itself all the colors of the rainbow. And so, as in a flower garden in a heavenly city bursting with light and joy, notes of vibrant color appear in some of these works, as in many of his paintings. The work exudes an intense feeling of celebration of the beauty of life, in all its forms and states of becoming.

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