The T_20collection is made out of high quality 20mm thick porcelain gres. The ideal solution for paving every outdoor area both residential and commercial, and wherever high technical performance and high slip resistance is required. T_20 is the perfect combination of beauty, aesthetic, performance and funcionality all in 20 mm porcelain gres, proudly MADE IN ITALY.

Among the keywords of this project, we surely find: performance, versatility, wide offering, architecture, safety and customization. Infact,T_20 is able to meet every complex design need, also thanks to the special pieces made to fit swimming pools, walls, stairs and any type of outdoor creating a seamless aesthetic.

With T_20, you can unleash your creativity with more than 40 colours and 7 sizes, all rectified and single thickness. Porcelain gres faithfully reproduces, on a thickness of 20mm, the natural graphics of the most precious stones, cements and woods.

20mm stoneware for Outdoor


In addition, the wide range guarantees perfect continuity between the indoor and outdoor area, thanks to the offer of indoor stoneware in 9mm thickness. Ideal for residential and commercial flooring, where high technical performance and safety are indispensable thanks to an effective slip resistance classified R11 C.

Porcelainstoneware is an almost innabsorbent material, and is therefore ingelivo resistant to stains, has a high resistance to breaking load, resists wear, scratches and even acid-based chemicals.

All these technical and aesthetic features allow the perfect combination to customize your outdoor spaces.

20mm stoneware for Outdoor
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