Floors inspired by lugnez stone, beola, quartzite and slate


Floors inspired by lugnez stone, beola, quartzite and slate

With the Stonework project, natural stone meets the perfection of ceramic technology, which turns it into a timeless substance with the accent on the material. Supergres has selected 4 different types of stone, faithfully reproducing their aesthetic features and shades of colour in every detail, shaping them in latest-generation porcelain stoneware.

Ardesia nera (black slate), Quarzite bianca (white quartzite), Beola, Lugnez: natural stones, each with their own distinctive aesthetic features, all coloured in shades of white, grey and black. A range of cool shades with a Nordic, central European flavour, one of the latest trends in furnishing and interior design.

Nordic style has a softer edge than pure minimalism, offering a balanced blend of functional, simple shapes able to create a subtle, sophisticated ambience; bright settings featuring simple, clean-cut architectural lines for a spacious, elegant finish, characterised by pale, dusty colours.

The settings in the Stonework catalogue are in keeping with this style: we suggest combinations with our other wood-effect series, perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, enhanced with pale-coloured furnishings and the light streaming in from the large windows featured almost continually throughout the catalogue.

Technical detail


  • Porcelain stoneware


  • 60x120 cm
  • 60x60 cm
  • 30x60 cm


  • MATT
  • GRIP

Certification and label

Certification and label