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Raw earth effect flooring Pure clays - the essence of the material


Raw earth effect flooring Pure clays - the essence of the material

Pure clays still unable to express their potential. Hands kneading them, transforming them by giving them function and purpose. Heat that warms and fixes the new nature of the material into a functional form. Rayclay holds within it a return to the origins, to the essence of ceramics.

The hues of the sun-baked earth are blended and the combination of elements gives us a unique material with natural colors. Warm, dusty nuances naturally envelop the floors. Natural light, from the outside cloaks the coverings with a soft glow, making them unique and inimitable

Technical detail


  • Monoporosa Pasta Bianca
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Mosaic


  • 120x120 cm
  • 120x278 cm
  • 30x60 cm
  • 50x120 cm
  • 60x120 cm
  • 60x60 cm


  • MATT
  • 3D

Certification and label

Certification and label

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