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Wood effect tiles

Supergres wood-effect porcelain stoneware floors are inspired by the sensations, colours and nuances of wood; from natural essences to more traditional woods, passing through those most experienced and worn by time.

Modern and versatile, like all Supergres porcelain stoneware collections, wood-effect stoneware has an extremely practical surface, does not stain or wear out and maintains its colour and characteristics over time, making it the ideal solution for use in all environments, both residential and public, both on the floor and on the wall.

Wood-effect stoneware is the floor for those who do not want to give up the warmth and beauty of wood in more problematic environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and the outside of their homes, and in public areas subject to more intense stress.120 or 180 cm long large formats reproduce the typical poses of wooden board floors.parquet-effect flooring can be used in all environments, both residential and commercial, as it combines the aesthetic beauty of natural wood with the characteristics of porcelain stoneware: it is resistant, does not absorb and is hygienic and practical to clean. Installed outdoors, it is non-slip and frost-resistant. Placed throughout the house, it allows you to have a single surface in all environments.

Unlike natural wood stoneware wood effect does not fear moisture or the attack of cleaning products: even in the bathroom and kitchen we have the guarantee of a hygienic product that does not absorb, in the entrance, even on the ground floor, is not scratched and does not wear, in the bedroom and living area we combine the resistance of stoneware to the heat and naturalness of the wood. Stoneware wood effect tiles are also more suitable than natural wood for use in underfloor heating systems, as stoneware is a better heat conductor.

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