Ceramiche Supergres, who have always been extremely aware of the issues concerning sustainable building, manufacture products that enable the attainment of LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the USA rating system to assess the eco-sustainability of buildings. This system is the most prevalent in the USA and is starting to become established in more than 40 countries throughout the world. It is based on the allocation of credits that evaluate the eco-sustainability of a building as a whole: water recycling, energy saving, the use of recycled building materials all the way through to the comfort of spaces. Increasingly, when it comes to submitting building plans for homes, more and more public authorities are insisting on the use of products that contribute to LEED credits, in order to encourage the development of eco-sustainable architectural projects. 

In light of this, and thanks to their eco-sustainable features and the high percentage of recycled materials used in the porcelain stoneware mix, Ceramiche Supergres products contribute to the increase in the LEED rating of buildings where they are used.