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The porcelain stoneware collection has been designed for residential and commercial venues. Smart Town is available in 6 colours, 4 rectified sizes and 3 different surface finishes: a complete project to decorate any space, the perfect solution for floors and walls in residential and public venues, for indoor and outdoor application. This series is characterised by cutting-edge colours that perfectly match contemporary design elements creating a neutral background that enhances any space.Three different surface finishes to meet specific needs:
The Glossy finish is slightly textured, soft to the touch and suitable for indoor residential spaces.The natural finish is perfect for any destination. It is anti-slip therefore suitable for commercial venues (available in all sizes of the series).The textured finish is the perfect solution for outdoor floors and guarantees perfect visual continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. 

The collection is discontinued

Colour range

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    Town dark

  • Click to enlarge image Town grey.jpg

    Town grey

  • Click to enlarge image Town ivory.jpg

    Town ivory

  • Click to enlarge image Town nut.jpg

    Town nut

  • Click to enlarge image Town sand.jpg

    Town sand

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    Town silver


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Technical details

Material: Porcellan stoneware
Size: 75x75 RT 
37.5x75 RT 
30x60 RT 
60x60 RT
Surfaces: Natural, Glossy, Structured

Certifications and label

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